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Sellers wonder want they should do to get a house ready? Buyer want to know what they can ask for in an inspection? In both cases: I tell my clients to look at these three S’s – and if they don’t fit – they are probably not something you MUST repair to sell, or that you should ask to be repaired if you are buyer.

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The original Downtown looked a lot different than it does today; wooden buildings, a saw mill, steeper hills. Two major events changed it all: the Seattle fire of 1889, which burned most of Downtown to the ground, and the Denny Regrade, a thirty-year-long project that tamed the slopes of Denny Hill. Add in the major growth of skyscrapers, roadways such as I-5 and the Alaskan Way Viaduct, and the Seattle Center, and you’ve literally got a city that has rebuilt itself out of the ashes.

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I am going to show you a condo BEFORE and AFTER staging has occurred, so you can visualize see the difference it can make in the property. I also will be talking to Robin Silva, who is a professional stager with one of the firms I use, David Robertson Design who will offer some tips on the value of staging.

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Appraisals – how are they turning out when buyers are usually paying more than list price? Informative “on the Road with Roger” this week where Lysa Catlin, a lender I work with from Caliber Home Loans shares what happens when the appraisal is low.

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Ask someone to describe THEarchitectural style that defines Seattle and you’ll probably get a dozen answers. Maybe more. Victorian, Tudor, Craftsman, Dutch Colonial, Mid-century, Northwest Contemporary, Modern…you could find enough examples of all of them. We thought we might zero in on a style so specific that it’s literally got Seattle in the name: The Seattle Box.

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Do you find the Seattle streets a bit confusing? I’ll teach you a new phrase here in my video that can help you navigate a little easier! On the Road with Roger is a series of exciting videos about Seattle neighborhoods and real estate topics.

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You will find these little libraries scattered all around Seattle – not in one central location or a handful of branches spread out around neighborhoods. What if you only had to walk down the street a block to browse a smaller version of a public library, and it contained two dozen books instead of so many volumes you’re overwhelmed and can’t decide which book to pick up? What if some of these libraries were the size of bird houses, or of a dollhouse? What if you never had to worry about having a library card, or ever paying a fine? Sound too good to be true? Well, this type of library already exists, and it’s becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

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There are currently 70 docks which house 507 Floating Homes These docks are located in four primary neighborhoods around Lake Union. Each of the neighborhoods of Eastlake, Westlake, Northlake and the University District have their own unique character. Floating Homes are structures supported by a flotation system—Logs or Concrete with Styrofoam or air filled barrels. They are NOT classified as vessels. Regulated as Residential Structures, they are subject to building codes. They are permanently attached to utilities (water, sewer, electricity). Although capable of being moved, they are typically never moved, except to be towed into place.

South Lake Union, Seattle – On the Road With Roger

South Lake Union (sometimes referred to as the SLU) is named because it is at the south tip of Lake Union in Seattle. It seems that people can’t get enough of South Lake Union these days. Everyone wants to either live here, work here, or come visit. New businesses are opening daily, transportation options are improving, and hip restaurants seem to open almost weekly. The neighborhood is quickly being dominated by local technology companies. Amazon.com’s new headquarters is in the neighborhood, and you’re sure to see thousands of Amazonians roaming the streets at lunch time. Other stalwarts like Microsoft and UW Medicine also have a large presence in the neighborhood, along with plenty of up-and-coming tech startups.

Alki, Seattle – On the Road With Roger

Head to Alki Beach to enjoy the long stretch of sand and view of downtown. In Seattle, this is as close as you can get to living in beach paradise. Well into the 20th century, Alki was reachable from most of Seattle only by boat. Alki today is reminiscent of Pacific Northwest beach town, with a mix of mid-century bungalows, medium-rise waterfront apartment houses, more expensive condo with amazing Puget Sound view, waterfront businesses, a thin beach, and a bike/foot trail running several miles along the water.
This section of West Seattle is bound on the northwest by Elliott Bay; on the southwest by Puget Sound; and on the east by the West Seattle hill. Its main thoroughfares are Alki Avenue S.W; Beach Drive S.W.; and S.W. Admiral Way.
As with the rest of West Seattle, Alki has a relaxed feeling, and you can tell the residents are ultra-proud of their hood. Visitors covet the beachfront condos and the place is packed during the summer for beach volleyball tournaments and picnics. In the off-season, locals claim their neighborhood back and it’s a great place to visit during the winter months, it’s overcast and you want the area more to yourself.
Alki Beach is the principal tourist attraction at Alki Point. It features sand, saltwater, bungalows, and unique local restaurants. It is generally not a popular swimming beach, owing to the cold waters of Puget Sound. It offers stunning views of the Olympic Mountains and downtown Seattle from all points. Alki Beach is also a place to “people watch” or get a tan, and it provides a casual environment for people to gather and hang out. There is access for wheelchair users and roller-skaters.
In the summer months, Alki Beach becomes crowded, especially on weekends. Alki Beach is also famed for its biking and walking trail, which provides a picturesque view of nearby Blake Island. Sunbathers, volleyball nets, and barbecues fill the beach while teens cruise in eye-catching cars. Tourist attractions include the miniature of the Statue of Liberty, the iconic Alki Point Lighthouse and the Birthplace of Seattle monument. The main commercial strip in West Seattle, uphill from Alki Beach, California Ave SW provides five-and-dime shops and diners that recall earlier decades.