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Retro Furnishing Resources: Far Out!  0

Besides selling real estate in Seattle, one of Mr. Roger’s favorite activities is checking out vintage and retro-inspired home furnishing stores around the Seattle area. When I’m not on the hunt for the perfect set of vintage highballs or Pyrex bakeware in olive green (you know what I’m talking about…with the “crazy daisy” flower pattern), I pop into my favorite mid-century home furnishings shops to see what’s new (or old that’s new!). I’d like to share a few of my favorites here in Seattle…

Capitol Hill

Area 51 – new and vintage mid-century furniture and lighting

Seattle Area 51

Retrofit – sofas, knick-knacks, and George Nelson clocks, oh my!


Alchemy Collections – modern and contemporary furniture with a retro flair

Great Jones Home – luxurious vintage-inspired home decor

Chartreuse International – new and vintage modern pieces (online ordering as well!)


Fremont Vintage Mall – collective of vintage furnishings, decor, and more…great collection of mid-century goodies!

Fremont Vintage Mall


Antika – antique store that specializes in mid-century teak furniture…a must-visit!


Rejuvenation – lighting and “house parts” from classic to deco to mid-century modern; and they buy salvage!

Seattle Rejuvenation

My list of favorite vintage home furnishings shops is on my website on the page, Retro Resources. I will be updating the list as I roam the neighborhoods of Seattle showing houses to home buyers while always keeping a keen eye open for new vintage shops. Do you have a favorite in Seattle that you’d like to share with me? Please do!

Designing Your Mad Men Office on Etsy  14


Mr. Roger does not deny being swept up in the Mad Men craze! Really, how can you resist? The fantastic light fixtures, streamlined couches, and wood paneled walls…I can go on! So, when it comes time to remodel your home or work office, what would a Mad Man do? Head to Etsy, of course! Using the inspiration photo of Don Draper’s office, I scoured the nooks and crannies of Etsy vintage seller sites for mod, mid-century gems that would be the perfect addition to any Don Draper devotee’s den! Here’s a sneak peak (with links) of your future office…

Let’s start with Don’s desk…I do love those solid-built, mid-century desks! Etsy seller, modernmidcenturyfurn has this lovely listed at $259:

This desk lamp is so Don Draper! Check it out from weareMFEO, listed at $59:

Don has a pair of drool-worthy chairs on the opposite side his desk! An initial search on Etsy for cane-backed, mid-century chairs turned up nothing similar for sale, but instead I found these mid-century teak lounge chairs from Hindsvik for $225 for the pair:

Look closely at the metal canister sitting between the two cane-back chairs at Don’s desk…it’s a pedestal ashtray! Here’s one I found from Etsy seller, Hip Little Chick, for $28:

Not quite Don’s color or exact style of couch, but close enough! I found this sage green mid-century Danish couch (which would complement the teak chairs!) from Etsy seller, Gremlina for $495:

The perfect credenza for either files or the bar! Barefoot Dwelling has this mid-century gem listed for $380:

Are you ready to redecorate? Hmmmmmmm…I am!

Green and Orange and Yellow, Oh My! Mid-Century Furniture: Early 1960s  0

Roger Morris Seattle Realtor
Roger Morris Seattle Realtor
Image: 1st Dibs

When “kids these days” think of the ’60s, thoughts immediately turn to peace, love, and tie-dyed t-shirts. But if your mom was cutting your hair in a Beatle-esque bowl cut; your grandparents’ green, orange, and yellow floral couch was covered in plastic; and Bing Crosby was still pining away on the hi-fi, you know it wasn’t quite the “Summer of Love” but the year that the world’s longest floating bridge opened for traffic between Seattle and Bellevue. It’s 1963!

I digress…back to that green, orange, and yellow floral couch!

You hated that couch as an adolescent, but now, look at it! It’s retro-tastic! And you want to find one along with other mid-century gems to feather your retro nest, but where? Beyond Goodwill, Salvation Army, and estate sales, where do you find such treasures?

For impeccably curated pieces, head over to 1st Dibs, an online marketplace for fine antiques, mid-century furniture, vintage jewelry, and couture fashion. Check out their dreamy collection of 20th Century furniture masterpieces. The site allows you to search items from worldwide sellers and negotiate prices (think upscale flea market).

Roger Morris Seattle Metro Realtor
Image: Antika

My favorite neighborhood resource: Antika in Greenwood! They specialize in mid-century teak furniture, like curio cabinets (perfect for your grandma’s sequin-covered dolls and tea cup collection). But you have to visit often – new items come in and it’s not too long before they are gone!

Where can you find great stuff at reasonable prices? Etsy! Head on over to, select Vintage from the drop-down menu, and type in “mid-century furniture” into the search box. Wah-lah! Some fabulous finds, including a great shop out of Seattle, JunkHouse!

Roger Morris Seattle Metro Realtor
Image: stuffsgottagonow on ebay

Don’t mind a bidding war? eBay is the answer! Where else can you find a vintage Kroehler lounge chair with a starting price of $39.99?!?! Some sellers offer the “Buy It Now” option, so you don’t need to monitor bids and wait for the listing to end. I typed in the search term “vintage furniture” and over 13,000 results popped up. Warning: Make sure you pay attention to the descriptions (e.g., vintage vs. vintage design or vintage style).

Know of any gems in your neighborhood or online? Comment below!

Save the Nauga from Extinction!  0

Roger Morris Seattle Realtor

Nauga (nô’ge) noun: “adorable little icon of the ’60s” from the original maker of Naugahyde.

Naugahyde (nô’ge-hīd) noun: artificial leather made with vinyl-covered, cruelty-free fabric  (naugas naturally shed their “hydes” without harming themselves).

Most popularly found on mid-century stools at the soda counter and booth benches at the drive-in, naugahyde was developed in the United States in the ’30s and experienced a boom in the ’60s. Initially developed by the United States Rubber Company, the Nauga name was born in Naugatuck, Connecticut, where it was first produced and trademarked in 1936. Now owned by Uniroyal Engineered Products, naugahyde lives on.

In the ’80s, folks feared that the beloved nauga was headed for extinction, thus a campaign began in a small, civic-minded middle school in Washington to revive the nauga population and ensure that naugahyde continued to be available on easy chairs and car seats for years to come. This quest did not get too far, and naugahyde soon became referred to as plain old vinyl or “pleather” as other companies replicated the beloved  fabric.

Never fear! You just might be sitting on the real deal when you visit the dentist or dine at retro-inspired diners around the country. Or, did you inherit or purchase a retro dinette set and want to recover those worn out chairs? Naugahyde is sold through dealers around the country and online (check out Decorator Supply where you can purchase a bevy of colors by the yard). Retro Renovation offers resources for the thrifty retro guy or gal interested in taking on a recovering project.

And, as for the nauga, you can adopt one and save it from extinction! According to, the nauga “makes a wonderful companion and is sure to bring magic to any setting it dwells in.”

Still curious? Find out more about the fascinating history of the naugas at

Alas, the nauga is just an urban myth. You can check out the ugly truth at

Gee, That’s Swell! Mid-Century Furniture: The 1950s  0

Sunburst clocks, elliptical coffee tables, red vinyl and chrome chairs…what’s old is new again! Retro furniture from the mid-century era is back in style. The 1950s marked an era at the cusp of a modern and hopeful time in the United States – rock-n-roll music, poodle skirts, color television, and Easy Bake ovens. And furniture design was no different. The “kitsch” we adore today served a purpose. Sleek and elegant, yet functional, mid-century furniture took cues from the architecture at the time. With designers like Charles Eames, George Nelson, and others, furniture was built to be sturdy, streamlined, and comfortable.

Mid-century modern furniture and accessories are abundant these days and can be found in antique stores, thrift shops, and new furniture warehouses across the country. Furniture manufacturers are copying the look, making is easier (and sometimes more affordable) to get “the look.” Folks who want the look, but don’t have the time or resources to scour every vintage shop in the city can look online. Like and Pacific Galleries in Seattle, you can bid online for retro furniture and accessories. Do you like the mid-century modern look, but don’t want a used piece? Stores like West Elm (just opened in Seattle!) and Design Within Reach (on 1st Avenue in Seattle) offer pieces with a mid-century flair. Even Target carries furniture and accessories – $90 will get you the Mitchell Armless Chair with a retro bubbles print! But diehards like me will tell you there is nothing like a stunning 1950s masterpiece found at an estate sale or vintage store! Golly gee…it is swell!

Looking for mid-century modern furniture in Seattle. A quick search on Yelp yielded these results and more…

Want more info. Check out these online resources…

Do you have a favorite mid-century resource or furniture store? Let me know because I’m always looking!

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