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Sellers wonder want they should do to get a house ready? Buyer want to know what they can ask for in an inspection? In both cases: I tell my clients to look at these three S’s – and if they don’t fit – they are probably not something you MUST repair to sell, or that you should ask to be repaired if you are buyer.

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I am going to show you a condo BEFORE and AFTER staging has occurred, so you can visualize see the difference it can make in the property. I also will be talking to Robin Silva, who is a professional stager with one of the firms I use, David Robertson Design who will offer some tips on the value of staging.

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Appraisals – how are they turning out when buyers are usually paying more than list price? Informative “on the Road with Roger” this week where Lysa Catlin, a lender I work with from Caliber Home Loans shares what happens when the appraisal is low.

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Ask someone to describe THEarchitectural style that defines Seattle and you’ll probably get a dozen answers. Maybe more. Victorian, Tudor, Craftsman, Dutch Colonial, Mid-century, Northwest Contemporary, Modern…you could find enough examples of all of them. We thought we might zero in on a style so specific that it’s literally got Seattle in the name: The Seattle Box.

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You will find these little libraries scattered all around Seattle – not in one central location or a handful of branches spread out around neighborhoods. What if you only had to walk down the street a block to browse a smaller version of a public library, and it contained two dozen books instead of so many volumes you’re overwhelmed and can’t decide which book to pick up? What if some of these libraries were the size of bird houses, or of a dollhouse? What if you never had to worry about having a library card, or ever paying a fine? Sound too good to be true? Well, this type of library already exists, and it’s becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

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There are currently 70 docks which house 507 Floating Homes These docks are located in four primary neighborhoods around Lake Union. Each of the neighborhoods of Eastlake, Westlake, Northlake and the University District have their own unique character. Floating Homes are structures supported by a flotation system—Logs or Concrete with Styrofoam or air filled barrels. They are NOT classified as vessels. Regulated as Residential Structures, they are subject to building codes. They are permanently attached to utilities (water, sewer, electricity). Although capable of being moved, they are typically never moved, except to be towed into place.

Haller Lake – On the Road With Roger

Let’s call Haller Lake a ‘late bloomer’ of a neighborhood. No one really settled in the area until the mid-1900s; with the many other smaller neighborhoods nearer to downtown, there was no reason to. The majoring of households were on large plots of land with enough room for farm animals and orchards. The small lake was the most desirable place to settle. Residents of the community have long resisted expansion and population growth due to their love of the environment and their disdain for traffic congestion.
The boundaries of the neighborhood are N. 145th Street to the north, beyond which is the city of Shoreline; N. 110th Street to the south, beyond which is NorthgateState Route 99 (Aurora Avenue) to the west, beyond which is Bitter Lake; and Interstate 5 to the east, beyond which is Jackson Park.
The atmosphere in Haller Lake varies widely depending on where you are in the neighborhood. On its edges, near Aurora Avenue to the west and Northgate Way to the south, are the business districts (and the traffic we mentioned before). As you head towards the center, the activity fades and quiet residential streets take over. With larger plots of land than other places in the city, residents can spread out a little and enjoy the quiet.

Haller Lake itself has a ‘secret garden’ kind of feel; only one road lends public access, and the four or so parking spaces only further the sensation that you’ve stumbled across something private. The water has that glassy quality from being sheltered from wind and watercraft, and the small shore is perfect for a picnic or just sunbathing.

Nearby Northacres Park is perfect for letting the dog out for some off-leash time on the woodsy trails, or bringing the kids for some wading pool action. Haller Lake also offers the only granite curling facility in the area. Grab a broom, join a team, or sign up for some practice time at one of their monthly open houses to try your hand at that newly-famous sport!


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Leschi – On the Road With Roger

Off the beaten path, once you discover Leschi you’ll wonder why you’ve never heard of this lovely neighborhood before. Maybe because those in the know want to keep it as their little secret. Perched atop Lake Washington with fantastic views, a harbor and a sweet business district, Leschi has a very casual, laid back feeling. Close to downtown, the scenic drive out to Leschi puts you in a relaxed state of mind – far from the frenzy of the city.

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Today I am taking the brand new light rail that just opened from downtown to the University of WA with one stop on Capitol Hill. You can now go from Husky Stadium/UW Hospital all the way to the airport. Capitol Hill station serves not only 21,000+ people who live with in a half mile, but Seattle Central College – where 8,000-10,000 students, faculty and other employees arrive daily. Streetcars to Seattle University and First Hill hospitals depart from the light rail west entrance.